Glycerine with Shea butter and rose petals


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Naturally Inspired, Organically Crafted: Seven Root Soaps

ENSEMBLE OF LUXURY SOAP: Healthy-looking skin requires the right products in your shower

glycerine, ubtan, chandan powder, milk, honey & pink clay are there with 24-carat gold powder.

It removes your face tan, cleanses it deeply inside, removes dark spots, removes pimples, and pigmentation, and brings a natural glow.

Suitable for men also.

Dermatologist Formulated

Soap Weight: 115 gm

(Country of Origin India)

Product Specification :

Packaging Size:- 115gm

Purpose:- For Removing Spots

Soap Type:- Beauty Soap


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Glycerine with Shea butter and rose petals

Seven Roots

ENSEMBLE OF LUXURY SOAP: Healthy-looking skin requires the right products in your shower

  • Ingredients :
  1. glycerine,
  2. ubtan,
  3. chandan powder,
  4. milk,
  5. honey & pink clay,
  6. 24-carat gold powder.

Introducing “Glycerine with Shea Butter and Rose Petals” from Seven Roots – a soap that’s not just a cleansing bar, but an indulgent experience for your skin. I’m delighted to share the essence of this extraordinary creation with you.

As someone who has seen this soap transform countless skincare routines, I can confidently say that it’s not just a soap, but a work of art. Enriched with a unique blend of ingredients, “Glycerine with Shea Butter and Rose Petals” encapsulates the essence of luxury and wellness.

Glycerine takes center stage, infusing your skin with deep hydration, leaving it soft and supple. The addition of shea butter, a natural moisturizer, brings a touch of indulgence to your daily cleansing ritual, ensuring your skin feels pampered with every use.

But what truly sets this soap apart is the infusion of rose petals. These delicate petals lend a gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin with a radiant, youthful glow. The soothing aroma of roses will transport you to a fragrant garden, creating a sensory experience like no other.

The Seven Roots team has expertly crafted this soap with a blend of nature’s finest ingredients, including ubtan, chandan powder, milk, honey, and pink clay. Each ingredient plays a unique role in revitalizing your skin. Ubtan helps to exfoliate and brighten, chandan powder calms and rejuvenates, while milk and honey nourish and restore. Pink clay gently detoxifies and clarifies your complexion, leaving you with a renewed sense of freshness.

And, if you’re in the mood for an extra touch of opulence, “Glycerine with Shea Butter and Rose Petals” boasts the added luxury of 24-carat gold powder. This regal element infuses your skin with a radiant luminosity that’s bound to make you feel like royalty.

Experience the art of skincare with “Glycerine with Shea Butter and Rose Petals” by Seven Roots. We’re not just offering a soap; we’re offering you an opportunity to elevate your daily routine, indulge in self-care, and embrace the radiant beauty you deserve. Try it today and let your skin thank you for the luxury it craves.

Why Choose Seven Root Proucts?

  • Dermatologically Tested,
  • Made From Natural Ingredients,
  • Paraben and SLS Free
  • Free From All Harmful Chemicals
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients

Our soap has passed all relevant tests and complies with the specified (Indian standards 13498:2017), indicating its quality and suitability for its intended use.


glycerine, ubtan, chandan powder, milk, honey & pink clay, 24-carat gold powder.


115 gm

Soap Type

Beauty Soap.

Origin of country



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